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Sunday Sketch 2

“Kisses on the Cock”
By Sulaiman Rashid

The process of creating this sketch was relatively simple and straightforward. I looked around my dorm for small items that could be captured in a drawing. I eventuallty found some Hershey Kisses, and they reminded me of fat lips when you put them together. I used some Blue-Tak to stick the two kisses together to create the lips. Once I had my object, I had to figure out what sketch would surround the item. I first started with a human face but quickly found that it was too challenging to incorporate an object with different proportions. 

I ended up sketching a chicken face because I found a basic tutorial on how to draw chicken faces. After following the tutorial, I added in elements of my style and ended up with “Kisses on the Cock.” Upon finishing the sketch, the name seemed to fit perfectly; it was witty, funny, and hopefully not too inappropriate for class.   


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