Tippy Top of The World

At first it seemed very daunting when thinking of ways to recreate Stephen Mcmennamy’s examples of pictures he’s taken/edited. However, the more I looked into his work, I realized that his images are more about the story they capture. That said, the hardest part about creating “Tippy Top of The World” was finding two images that would work well together. The only criteria I had for selecting images was that they be of high quality. Putting the two pictures didn’t take too much effort or editing because I used PicMonkey, and their site is pretty intuitive.

The story that this combophoto captures is the feeling of being on top of the world. It can feel like a ballerina on top of a cliff. After creating this piece, I thought of how it relates to the current book we’re reading, Spinning. The protagonist is a figure skater, and much like ballerinas, figure skating requires perfection from the performers. One false move can send you over the edge, just like being at the tippy top of the world.

Images Obtained From:



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