Triptych Sketch

This assignment inspired me to create something relatable as well as motivational. The idea of bars or being trapped came from the lines on the page and my inability to access the blank white paper. I didn’t want the lines to distract the audience from the message of the Triptych, so I found a way to incorporate them into the sketch. I also wanted to focus my drawing on the emotion in the face of the character. I felt as though I’d get more out of the project if I were able to highlight one attribute of the character instead of drawing an entire action scene with the whole body. Crafting this comic was different from the other writing I’ve done this semester because I didn’t have to think about the entire plot before beginning the process. I knew my constraints and the overall concept I wanted to convey, and I used those to shape the story as I drew each panel.

Lately, I’ve felt the pressure of Emory Univerisity and the impact it’s having on my peers is evident. I thought that this piece would be relatable because it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the immense amount of work that comes with an education from Emory. This three-panel comic encourages the audience to try to look at the pressure and responsibility from a different perspective and outlook.

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